Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Students' Success! NV Launch their Beautiful Candles


In November 2010 sisters Vicky and Nickie attended a Candle Workshop here at Plush Folly. In just six months, they've managed to build their own business from what started as a quest to find the perfect candle to suit their personal taste.

They're currently to be found at Pulse Exhibition at Earls Court launching their range of candles - what an exciting start to their business!

NV's Cashmere and Silk candles are made from natural soy wax and the finest quality fragrances. Handmade, they are a range of mood-enhancing, luxury scented candles, ranging from oriental spices to delicate florals. We're thrilled that Nickie and Vicky have been so successful - read our chat with Vicky below.

Congratulations on your success, Vicky! What made you decide to make and sell candles?

Both Nik and I love candles, but found it difficult to find fragrances which we really loved so decided we should make them ourselves.

What has been the most exciting moment during the setting up of your business?

There have been many exciting moments, seeing the photos from the photoshoot was very exciting, but for me it was when we were accepted to exhibit at Pulse in Earls Court where we intend to launch the business.

gorgeous fig and green tea candle - yummy!

What has been the worst or most disappointing moment?

Right at the beginning when we were designing the packaging, the costs were more than we had expected. It was a real challenge to come up with a design which looked eye-catching but didn't break the bank.

What is the one bit of invaluable advice you would give to others embarking on a new business?

Put together a business plan, including costings and research the market.

Your candles look fabulous. What is the inspiration behind the ranges?

We wanted to design a range of candles which were a little different from others on the high street. Looking at competitors so many were packaged in white or pale boxes so we decided to use deep rich colours to create an opulent striking range. We wanted to have more than one type of candle so we created the larger, luxuriously packaged Cashmere range predominantly for the gift market and special occasions, but we also wanted to produce a range of candles for everyone to enjoy everyday so we designed the Silk range.

What is your favourite aroma?

Difficult question because it changes depending on my mood, at the moment it is Scottish Blossom Honey and Amber, but ask me tomorrow and it could be different!

And finally, I know you went on a Plush Folly course and had some follow up sessions, but how do you rate Plush Folly in terms of helping you?

The course at Plush Folly was a toe in the water to see if candle making was for us. Little did we know how much we would love every minute of the course and what a catalyst it would be to inspire us to create the business. The day we spent choosing the fragrances was the most fun I've had for a long time. The help and support given by Plush Folly has been invaluable, I don't think we could have done such a good job so efficiently without your knowledge and generosity of time.

If you're inspired by NV's success, Vicky and Nickie attended our Candles Workshop

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