Thursday, 25 June 2015

Bonbon by Viktor & Rolf

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How gorgeous and inviting does this perfume look?  Before we have even taken our first smell it makes us feel special, like we have been given a gift wrapped treat:)

With a name like Bonbon we have to admit we were expecting something very sweet and sticky, and yes it is sweet but in no way is it treacle/syrup gooey sweet.

The fruity top notes of mandarin, orange and peach help launch it off our skin before getting the middle floral and sweet notes of jasmine, orange blossom and caramel.

Woody notes help give it depth and a great job they do too - this perfume really lasts - yippee!!

Our caramel fragrance oil on its own is a real fudgey delight and could possibly be too sweet for many, but this perfume balances it so beautifully that the sweetness is needed to make it work.

We are in love with this!!  The box, the bottle and the fragrance just scream girly gorgeousness and is definitely on our list of

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Perfume Thursday: Cinnabar by Estee Lauder

Cinnabar was one of the first eastern influenced fragrances that helped start a world wide wave of oriental style perfumes.
Containing aromas such as clove, cinnamon and other spices which in 1978 would have been so unfamiliar and exotic certainly with regards to perfume, for those who fell in love it has been a life long friend.

It is a big, shouty-out-loud perfume from beginning to end, with huge longevity thanks to gorgeous base notes like sandalwood, amber, patchouli and vanilla amongst others.
It opens with a flood of spices and orange (bergamot and tangerine) which to Sally hints at Christmas and we can see (and smell!) why that is. The spices are warming, and if added to a drink would make the most wonderful yuletide cocktail (one to note for the PF Christmas bash!!).

There are quite a few floral notes such as rose, lily, carnation (our aroma this week) and jasmine, but we certainly wouldn't describe this as a floral fragrance, we would say floral notes are there to enhance but certainly not take over as the fragrance develops, the spices take on a sweeter note as time goes by and a powdery element is most definitely detectable.

This is a complex, sophisticated fragrance that probably won't appeal to the younger audience, but a woman with confidence could certainly wear Cinnabar from the boardroom to the bedroom........

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Pomegranate Noir Cologne by Jo Malone

There is something exciting about wearing a unisex cologne, never knowing who will be wearing it, what attracts a person to a certain scent? Actually I am happy to wear masculine or feminine scents it all depends on my mood, the occasion, the season, the weather, the company I am with..... 

What's in a name? Well Jo Malone's Pomegranate Noir Cologne conjures up stylish, daring, dangerous, intense emotions. 

The bottle has elegant, clean, simple fresh lines rather deceptive ~ for what is inside, is what puts the Mona Lisa smile on your face.

A fabulous day to evening cologne for men and women. Let it take you on an adventure.

Enjoy the warm welcoming top notes, the seductive crimson pomegranate, the jewel of the perfume (our scent of the week), partnering with fresh raspberry, juicy plum, watermelon and grounding rhubarb. Familiar and enticing like a surprise encounter with an old flame. Where will this take you?

The middles notes wafer in with Casablanca lily, exotic jasmine a hint of cloves and pink pepper to stir and intrigue the senses. They hang on like the shadows in the night on a moonlit stroll. Not knowing where it will take you but following the ambience to wherever it may lead you.

The enduring base notes keep the mystery alive the hedonistic patchouli, amber and guaiacwood intoxicate your mood in a swirl of mystique. The aroma lingers as you move on into the dark of the night. 

A treasure to behold.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Perfume Thursday - Modern Muse by Estee Lauder

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Our initial thoughts on spraying Modern Muse were mostly - 'Oh that's really pretty ' - and it is.  Described as sparkling florals over woods and musk this fragrance has a really light citrus opening, quickly moving onto the floral middle notes which include jasmine, honeysuckle (our chosen aroma of the week), tuberose and lily.  From it's description we thought it may be a little cloying (as white florals ofter are), but no -  it stays light and fresh and has a delicate feel about it.  

Modern Muse was created by Harry Fremont and was launched in 2013.  Given that other Estee Lauder fragrances like Cinnibar or Private Collection are big and bold this one is very safe by comparison, we're not sure it stands out from the crowd enough to appeal to those looking for a statement fragrance, but it is a charming aroma that easily spans all ages.

Lori's immediate reaction was that it very much reminded her of Valentino but without quite the same staying power, perhaps this is more of a brief afternoon tea than an all night party!  

The younger members of our team think it would be suitable for them as an evening fragrance whilst the more experienced (read over 40!) amongst us would happily wear it any time.  There is nothing offensive about this fragrance and you could happily purchase it as a gift for a relative, they might not rave about it, but I'll bank on them finishing the bottle and probably going back for more........

Monday, 1 June 2015

Last week I wore...

A quick snapshot of the perfumes I wore last week...

Monday 25th May - Today I am wearing Jubilation 25 for Women by Amouage.
Sparkling and exciting and almost a little fizzy, this is a delightfully bright perfume that should appeal to bright, sparkling women of all ages.
It opens with lemon and tarragon giving it a slightly sour and spicy note . Then a rush of flowers, glorious flowers, followed with a slug of patchouli, musk, frankincense, myrrh, vetiver and amber making it a very bottom heavy scent.
It’s a juxtaposition of naughty and nice, sour and sweet, from harsh and gentle.
It’s wonderful. It makes me feel jubilant.

Tuesday 26th May - Today I am wearing Eau Dynamisante by Clarins.
It’s clean, fresh and wholesome. It’s sunny, bright and happy.
With notes of coriander, rosemary, caraway, cardamon, thyme, orange, lemon, petitgrain, ginseng, white tea and patchouli, it is herbaceous with a zesty layer. The patchouli doesn’t taint the perfume at all and I assume it’s job is to give the pefume longevity.
Sadly it doesn’t. This one lasted about half an hour on my skin, a little longer on my clothes. It’s great for a quick spritz when you get out of the shower, but you’d need to put on another squirt or a different perfume when you leave the house.

Wednesday 27th May - Today I am wearing Eau Dynamisante by Clarins.
It’s clean, fresh and wholesome. It’s sunny, bright and happy.
With notes of coriander, rosemary, caraway, cardamon, thyme, orange, lemon, petitgrain, ginseng, white tea and patchouli, it is herbaceous with a zesty layer. The patchouli doesn’t taint the perfume at all and I assume it’s job is to give the pefume longevity.
Sadly it doesn’t. This one lasted about half an hour on my skin, a little longer on my clothes. It’s great for a quick spritz when you get out of the shower, but you’d need to put on another squirt or a different perfume when you leave the house.

Saturday 30th May ...Today I am wearing Blood Oranges by Shay & Blue.
When I went to the Shay & Blue boutique I kept picking this bottle up but putting it back thinking that whilst I loved the aroma, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to smell of blood oranges. But its magic had already bewitched me and although I chose another Shay & Blue perfume I found myself slipping a bottle of Blood Oranges into my basket too.
Underpinned with leather, cedarwood and musk, this juice is still as fresh, zesty and succulent as you would expect but with surprising longevity for a citrus perfume. It also has a squeeze of amber – but the overall effect is definitely one of blood oranges, remarkably so. It makes my mouth water.
It is a happy, uplifting perfume and I receive positive comments whenever I wear it.
Shay & Blue is the brainchild of Dom De Vetta who set it up after relinquishing his post of Global General Manager at Jo Malone. Prior to that he was Senior Vice President of Chanel so he has more than sufficient credentials to know exactly what he is doing.
Shay & Blue are now also found at John Lewis and Marks & Spencer as well as at their beautiful blue London boutique and larger London department stores. I think we will see and smell a lot more of them – watch this space.

Sunday 31st May - Today I am wearing the perfume designed by Anne Flipo for the IFF speed-smelling event. Remember that the perfumer had an unlimited budget and could choose any raw materials to include in their masterpieces.
Her inspiration behind the perfume is the bee and the travels it takes during a normal day. She imagined sipping the stamen’s honeyed nectar before flying off to pollinate the bushes.
Italian broom with its exquisite yellow flowers (broom absolute) to the most stunning beeswax absolute (oh how I yearn to find an affordable source for this). Also included in the blend are absolutes of orange blossom and rum.
The overall effect is identical to the aroma I get when I left the lid off my beehives and take out the frames of honey. A wonderful, powerful mix of flowers, wood, pollen, honey, nectar, excitement, awe and wonder at the bees ability to live communally, work so hard and produce bounty from Mother Nature’s gifts.
The perfume is beautiful, a true love potion and intoxicating blend of all things good and wholesome in the garden.
Well done Anne. Great job. Please make it available commercially.
Anne is also the nose behind Acqua di Gioia (Giorgio Armani), La Vie Est Belle (Lancome), Invictus, Lady Million and Lady Million Eau My Gold! (Paco Rabanne) to name just a very few.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Beauty by Calvin Klein

This week we have been enjoying Calvin Klein's Beauty.

It is a simple concoction of ambrette seed (slightly musky), jasmine (our aroma of the week) and cedarwood.  They come together to give a delightfully soft and delicate feminine scent, one that conjures up fluffy clouds, fluffy bunnies and layers of floaty tulle.

It's light and innocent - although perhaps for 'innocent' some might read 'slightly boring'.

Although not included in the scent itself, we have to thank the calla lily for the beauty of the bottle (and possibly the name of the perfume too).  The elegant curves and magnificence of the lily are the inspiration behind the smooth, tactile and charmingly rounded bottle and you could believe that the scent itself offers a delicate layer of lily such is the softness of the floral.

It doesn't seem to have much throw, this one sits close to the skin to be enjoyed by only those who totally invade your body space.  It does have surprising tenacity and two hours on I can still detect it (I originally thought this would be one of those annoying perfumes that disappear after less than an hour).  No changes to the aroma though, what went on to my skin is still on my skin unchanged.  No shocks or surprises.

It's safe and pure, perfect for the chaste perfume wearer who doesn't do leather or vetiver or oud.

Last week I wore

A quick snapshot of the perfumes I wore last week...

Monday 18th May - Today I am wearing Jack - it is a refreshingly green citrus with a spicy edge. It has oud in it, but the oud isn't apparent - whilst I love oud, I am a bit 'oud'd' out at the moment since so many recent perfumes have jumped on the bandwagon and include it.
Jack is lime and mandarin with notes of cannabis (caryophylene?), nutmeg, clove, pepper, tobacco,vetiver and frankincense.
The base notes have anchored the citrus well and 3 hours in I can still enjoy the scent perfectly well.
PF Perfume Club Subscription members - you'll be able to enjoy this one soon too, promise!

Tuesday 19th May - Today I am wearing Crystal Noir by Versace.
It’s one I’ve been wanting to try for a while (so many perfumes, not enough skin!) partly because of its eclectic range of ingredients and partly because it has been created using headspace (living flower) technology meaning that the individual aromas will smell just like those used as part of the headspace technology (I have attached a link to a hugely interesting article on headspace technology. It’s a fascinating read).…/curious-about-heads…
Why do I say eclectic? Well just have a peep at this list – we have florals of gardenia, neroli and peony. Then a creamy note of coconut, spicy notes of pepper, ginger and cardamom, backed up with woody sandalwood and soft musk and sweet amber. My olfactory senses just couldn’t get to grips with imagining this blend’s aroma so I knew I had to try it.
Whilst it isn’t a mind-blowing-must-rush-out-and-get-a–bigger-bottle-love-at-first-sniff type aroma, it is perfectly wearable in a safe, soapy, recognisable sort of way. There’s a slight alcoholic-cocktail with a J2O chaser edge that morphs into a spicy winter warmth. As much as the headspace technology is a unique selling point, I have to admit that the flowers really don’t get a look in. There’s no doubting that they line the perfume’s middle giving it a pretty transition from top to bottom, but at no point do I feel I’m in a garden or in a flower shop. Nope, not at all. If I’m anywhere, I’m at a market stall enjoying the choices of soap….beautiful soap.

Wednesday 20th May - Today I am wearing Endymion by Penhaligan. It is a man's scent, but I have a sample so thought I'd wear it today regardless of its gender as its description intrigued me ....
The description states that it is a study in contrasts: spicy and fresh, strong and deep. That's enough to make anyone want to try it to see if it's true!
We have spices of black pepper, nutmeg and cardamon and herbaceous aromas of sages and lavender. Add a layer of resinous frankincense and myrrh, top it with citrus mandarin and bergamot. Into the melting pot you can fling gourmand coffee, with darker notes of leather and vetiver. Add a pinch of geranium to freshen, sandalwood and musk to softly round it off and voila! We have Endymion.
Well apart from it smelling like a very dapper gentleman should smell, I guess it is a bit of a mish-mash for my olfactory senses to enjoy. An assault course for the nose.
And yet, when it settles down it smells like a million other aftershaves. All that hard work, choosing, stirring, mixing....and it ends up pretty similar to bog standard run-of-the-mill aftershave.

Thursday - See separate blog posting for our comments on M Moi by Mauboussin which the PF Team tested.

Saturday 23rd May - Today I am wearing Eau D’Italie. It’s another scent designed for a man.
Designed by Bertrand Dechaufour, Eau d’Italie is another perfume that attempts to capture the aroma of the Italian Amalfi cost and bring it to your wrists.
I can detect salty sea dog, oranges, bergamot and blackcurrant. here are a few spices and a little frankincense in here too and a few flowers but the overall aroma is one of Italian concrete.
It’s fresh and inviting, but once your nose picks up soil, clay and stone walls, it’s fairly difficult to move beyond. It isn’t unpleasant, I rather like it. It’s clever – definitely orange groves, sunny beach, window boxes and the mossy walls of sun-baked Italian villas.
According to my son (who is also wearing it) that sums it up really well.
The only thing missing is pizza.

Sunday 24th May - Today I am wearing Guerlain’s Le Plus Beau Jour De Ma Vie (the best day of my life).
I imagine it is designed for a bride, it is a beautiful , beautiful blend of everything pretty for the bride to be.
Citrus, pink pepper, candied angelica and almond, blossom, flowers, musk, vanilla and patchouli. The overall effect is a delicate blend of flowers and honey.
Launched only this year it may not have hit the wedding circuit yet, but as I immerse myself in the aroma I feel I should be wearing a big floaty white (ok, cream!) dress. The perfume certainly doesn’t fit my outfit of jeans, boots, t-shirt and cardigan. I feel very overdressed and clumpy.