Friday, 12 February 2016

Full Incense by Montale

Today I am wearing Full Incense by Montale.

Full incense is what it says and full incense is what it is.  WOW!  Frankincense, beautiful frankincense, sumptuously beautiful frankincense.

The perfume also contains elemi , labdanum patchouli and cedarwood to deepen and darken its mood further but it is the frankincense that radiates warmly and who stands at the top of the podium.

Reminiscent of churches and definitely in the same mould as Serge Noire (Serge Lutens) and La Liturgie des Heures (Jovoy) this perfume is sumptuous.

I’m happy to drench myself in it.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Wild Pearl by Naomi Campbell

It seems that one cannot be a fully fledged celebrity unless you have a perfume in your portfolio, some we have found to be fabulous, others not so much.  So, ever hopeful for the former we were keen to sniff this one.

First impressions are of fresh, juicy fruitiness and a kind of outdoors-y smell, so far so good.  The fruitiness comes courtesy of peach and watermelon (our aroma of the week) and is fresh and light - not sweet and sticky.  To some of us it feels that it has a beach / outdoors / ozonic element and would make a great fragrance for wearing during the day on holiday.  As the heart and base notes emerge the combination of floral, spicy and woody are evident, not overpowering but calm and gentle.

We love the initial fresh fruity smell and the soft floral, slightly powdery aroma as it settles, but...... it's not going to rock our world, it's a little bit ordinary.  The first couple of hours after spraying it is still evident, but after that it disappear pretty quickly.

If you have days where you don't need your perfume to make a statement - this would be a fabulous choice.


Monday, 8 February 2016

Dom Rosa by Liquid Imaginaires

Today I am wearing Dom Rosa by Liquid Imaginaires. 

It’s a unisex perfume that bursts onto your skin with a fit of giggles.  It is lively, happy and pleased to be hosting the party.  Champagne notes dominate joined by pear and pomelo to sparkle and weave their way around my wrist offering to take me onto the dance floor to learn to jive.

Exhausted from the twirling, dancing and bussing, the perfume gently subsides into rose, warm red roses boosted by the smell of cloves.  Arriving a little late at the party but hugely welcome none the less are frankincense, vetiver, guaiac and cedarwoods. – they bring a maturity to the perfume and plunge it into something deep and glorious.

It is playful, fruity, woody, boozy and delightful.  

Friday, 5 February 2016

Mimosa and Cardamon by Jo Malone

Today I am wearing Mimosa and Cardamon by Jo Malone.

It’s a contradiction of aromas.  The fresh, delicate, beautiful aroma of mimosa intermingled with spicy cardamom.  There is a hint of sweetness in there too, possibly tonka or vanilla.  The perfume moves in circles as now I’m back to the floral layer again, pretty and feminine…but no, cardamom revisits and gives the perfume amore spicy masculine edge.

It’s interesting that I never feel I’m smelling a combination of cardamon and mimosa, I can always detect them as individual ingredients. My nose is leaping around between pretty floral and fresh cardamom before the sweetness reappears and the whole perfume circle starts again.

It’s a groundhog day perfume!

Thursday, 4 February 2016

No 18 by Les Exclusifs de Chanel

No 18 is named after the address of the Vendome palace which Coco Chanel walked through every morning and here, jewel-like Ambrette flowers were grown.   Described as a 'radiant floral bouquet as precious as fine jewellery' we were expecting something bold and complex with a feather-like touch.

At first sniff the first hit is of iris so it's certainly delivering on the floral element...... but we are unable to get any other floral element so this bouquet is a huge hand tied bunch of beautiful iris flowers.  As the perfume settles we get a kind of wet paper fustiness courtesy of ambrette (our aroma of the week) - not unpleasant but imagine if you will a large box which has been left in a dark corner of a theatre store room, upon discovery a young actor takes it into the light, there is staining on the box implying that at some point water has been spilled on it but not caused a huge amount of damage. Inside is a large period costume, lots of layers and trim, that had been carefully cleaned and put away for the next performance .... but it was cancelled and the costume long forgotten.   That old dusty, fusty theatre smell is what this perfume reminds us of, not the make up and grease paint but the curtains and costumes that have witnessed so many wonderfully dramatic moments.

Hiding in the background is a hint of unripe fruit but so well hidden we can't identify which one, just that it adds another element.

This perfume doesn't have the boldness we have come to expect from Chanel, but it is elegant and understated, absolutely perfect for a busy lady of the 20's and 30's making her way to work through the grand old buildings of Paris.


Monday, 1 February 2016

Alahine by Teo Cabanal

Gosh this is a throwback.  I’m giving my grandmother a hug.  I snuggle in, she is very dear to me and even though I don’t know it, I’m capturing the smell of her perfume to summon up in thirty years or so, long after she has sadly left us.

Well here we are, 30 years or so later and it feels like she is in the room.  I’ve no idea what the perfume was that she wore that day, but it can’t have been Alahine since this is a creation born in 2007.

A rich floriental perfume laced heavily with ylang ylang, lavender,  jasmine, rose, iris, labdanum, patchouli, vanilla, benzoin, sandalwood and musk with a smattering of pepper, bergamot and orange.
It is heavy and rich and really typifies the era when perfumes were meant to be noticed.  It is deep, floral and exotic with a mysterious and slightly musky edge to it. 

I’m not sure I’d wear it often, just on special occasions.  But the occasion of happy memories with my grandmother have made this occasion very very special indeed.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Oud Satin Mood by Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris

I tend to approach oud perfumes with some trepidation as am never quite sure if I'm a fan of oud or not.  
First impressions are of violet and rose, but not garden fresh rose, this has been pulled right down by the oud into something deeper,  It has a floral-powdery aroma that reminds us of a vintage make up bag containing much loved crumbling powder compacts, lipstick-blotted tissues and that emergency elastoplast everyone has, curled up in the corner and no longer any use.  

This perfume has quite an impact - a little is all that is needed, over do this one at your peril!  It lingers, absolutely no questioning its staying power and as it is more in the 'considered purchase' price bracket that is good thing, I feel.  As time goes by the sweetness of vanilla peeks through the oud now and again, having a softening effect which is exactly what the name suggests.

If you are a fan of rose and are not frightened of oud this could very well be the perfect perfume for you.  I have grown to like this more, but that little bit of trepidation is still holding me back.