Thursday, 23 April 2015

Perfume Thursday: Uomo by Valentino

Uomo in Italian translates to Man in English, and in our opinion any man wearing this particular aroma would be most welcome to join us.

So many of the fragrances intended for the male market we have encountered in recent times have all fallen into the ozonic catagory - citrus, fresh, green kind of smells, very pleasant but similar none the less.
Uomo does have a light opening with the bergamot but very quickly we detect another, darker level emerging, There is a sweetness courtesy of hazelnut (our aroma of the week), coffee and chocolate but in no way is it overly sweet or cloying with leather adding a depth that makes us keep coming back for more!

Nickie described it as discreet which is perfect.  We imagine a confident, suave, understated-but-expensively dressed gentleman to wear this (think George Clooney, David Ginola, Liam Neeson or Clive Owen types and you'll see where we're going).  It smells of good taste and class, but may be a wolf in sheep's clothing, the man wearing this may have more to him than meets the eye - slightly aloof but oh so exciting!

The bottle is beautiful and tactile, multi-faceted like the aroma within and wouldn't look out of place on the dressing table of a lady or gent.

So, you get the general impression that we like this one - you bet we do.  It deserves to have it's praises sung from the rooftops and one we are definitely adding to the gift list for the men in our lives.


Thursday, 16 April 2015

Success by Trump

After we had got over an attack of silly schoolgirl humour caused by using the words 'trump' and 'smell' in the same sentence, we focussed on the job in hand which was to review the men's perfume called Success which was launched in 2011 by Donald Trump, American business man.

Since we put this in the category of celebrity perfume and were pleasantly surprised to find that, contrary to what we were prepared for, this men's scent is actually very pleasant.  It is clean, inoffensive, subtle and generally a good aroma.

It isn't too strong and takes its place as a background smell. It doesn't last too long so no matter how many applications, your man is never going to out do you on the aroma front.

Whilst it contains this week's aroma of the week (redcurrant) it doesn't strike me as a fruity aroma. Success also contains coriander and ginger, but I wouldn't describe it as a spicy perfume either.  It contains vetiver and birch wood but it isn't a woody perfume.  These aromas are blended further with geranium, bamboo and tonka making it more of a - well its difficult to place it in any category, so let's just call it a fresh aromatic surprisingly pleasant subtle perfume!

An all round good egg.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Thierry Mugler - Mugler Cologne

Tall, bold, slender and proud - the bottle of this week's perfume of the week would look good on any dressing table.  It is a unisex cologne and seems to be enjoyed by everyone here in the office.

With a fresh citrus cocktail-style opening, I think I'm in a Mexican restaurant enjoying margarita pitchers.  Delicious!

Give the cologne a moment or two and the lemony-lime citrus moves gracefully into a woody-citrus courtesy of petitgrain (our aroma of the week).  As it morphs from zingy citrus to woody citrus a bold green bamboo note makes its appearance and hangs around until the perfume gently fades (but I could still detect it 4 hours after the first spray).  Double delicious!

This is one I'd comfortably share with my husband and my sons - I'd  like them to smell of it too.  It was initially fashioned after the aroma of a bar of soap and is designed to give you that freshly showered, clean skin aroma and everyone who commented on the aroma described it as fresh.  It is very wearable.  My sons don't always smell clean and fresh, they exercise hard and play muddy football, this could be the answer!  Especially as the cologne seems to have excellent sillage and longevity.

All in all, a bargain at only £31 for 100ml.  Thierry Mugler - thank you!

Thursday, 2 April 2015

4160 Tuesdays - The Lion Cupboard

We love 4160 Tuesdays.  They are a niche and very unique perfume house and the zany character of the lovely Sarah McCartney (perfumer) shines through each and every perfume.

I love that each perfume has a story behind it and The Lion Cupboard is no exception.  Have a read on Sarah's website which can be found here

The Lion Cupboard opens with a powdery cocoa element that is instantly comforting and familiar.  It has notes of jaffa cakes, old wooden furniture and closed velvet curtains with a fresh element of mint and citrus darting through it back and forth like Tinkerbell on a mission.

Unlike other citrus perfumes, there is no instant grapefruit (our aroma of the week) rush, the cocoa wins its battle to become the first note knocking the other fresher notes into submission.  They don't submit totally, they just sit in the wings waiting to stroll onto the stage and make an appearance before disappearing until the encore.

As the perfume develops it loses it's initial jaffa cake edge and becomes more 'Dad', offering up old smoky notes that are deep, rich and hugely comforting.  Two hours on and in wafts cocoa again, this time it's mingled with a hint of whisky and furniture polish.

It's a journey for my nose, the aroma changes each time I take nose to wrist.  Pleasant changes, surprising changes and comforting changes.  The entire experience is good and although they never met, Sarah has captured a little of my father in her Lion Cupboard too.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Perfume Thursday-: Magie Noire by Lancome

Magie Noire (translates to Black Magic) presents itself in a bottle that does imply something bold, dark and dangerous lies within........

Upon first impression it is indeed bold,  this is not a fragrance for those who want to be a wall flower. This is a fragrance that will announce your arrival to the room so be prepared to be noticed.
It is without doubt a very feminine, sensual fragrance that we imagine being worn by someone immaculately dressed and made-up, who is very aware of the power of seduction.

Nickie detected the blackcurrant straight away - she described it as 'fruity with a green edge, as if the leaf had just been picked from the bush'. Indeed the green notes of blackcurrant leaf and galbanum (our smell of the week) are noticeable immediately, quickly followed by sweet and woody notes (we noticed honey, patchouli, cedar).

There is an air of quality to this fragrance, in Harry's words - 'rather posh and reminds me of my mum' - and we know she is a very classy lady!

After wearing it now for an hour or so it is much more subdued, the floral notes emerge making it far more wearable and enjoyable than we thought at first smell (the civet was somewhat overpowering at first and we were a little worried!).

So our recommendation is to give this one a chance - give it a good hour before you make up your mind.  It will be worth it!

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Euphoria - Calvin Klein

What a fabulous bottle - very different, very tactile but possibly not as easy to spray as others.

The perfume is sweet and feminine (in a girlie way) and reminds us of a combination of Gucci Rush and Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb.

Having worn it for a few hours now I can report that the aroma doesn't change that much.  It seems to just slowly carry on fading without changing - slowly, very slowly, it is still very apparent.

Given that it is fairly sweet, it does become a little cloying after a while.  We chose this perfume as we had smelt it on someone else and loved it.  I do think that's how I'd like to experience it again - on someone else.  It's a shame really as I had high hopes - the individual aromas of lotus flower (our aroma of the week), pomegranate, orchid, white musk, amber, mahogany and violet had us imagining something quite different.

Have you tried Euphoria?  What did you think?

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Agent Provocateur - Maitresse

With the promise of something raunchy, sexy and a little wicked we were all very pleased when Maitresse by Agent Provocateur was chosen as this week's perfume.  Not only that, but since it includes Suederal, our aroma of the week, we were champing at the bit - anything with a bit of leather in is always welcome!

Well disappointment hit us hard.  This perfume definitely doesn't 'do what it says on the tin'.  It is pleasant but not sexy.  It is inoffensive but not wicked, it is wearable but not raunchy.  It isn't what we were expecting at all.

It opens with a floral notes and pretty much stays that way - and even then it doesn't stay for long. The key floral is violet, but hooray, it isn't little purple sweets violet, more fresh floral violet which then morphs into more flowers (ylang ylang, lotus, rose, jasmine, osmanthus and iris).  There is patchouli lingering in there somewhere along with the suede, but these aren't obvious, I'm still trying to sniff them out.

It is a safe perfume, a typical perfume and one we all thought we'd experienced before but knew that in fact we hadn't.

The sexy minx on the bottle belies the true aroma, don't be misled.  This is a tame aroma - it is wearable for sure, but docile, safe and doesn't warrant you donning your leather basque and stilettos in anticipation of a naughty night.