Thursday, 30 July 2015

24 Old Bond Street By Atkinsons

24 Old Bond Street Eau de Cologne was introduced as a 200 year anniversary cologne for Atkinsons.  The promotion is  'As the definitive last word in English elegance.'  This, the company have accomplished. Atkinsons the perfume house are back after a hibernation period, as they say. 

The cologne has a beautiful aromatic scent. it is a very personal scent, one that I feel could be seen as a signature scent. 

A soft subtle aroma, gentle and eloquent, that politely and slowly reaches out to greet you with a light kiss on the cheek.  A refreshing change from many on the market that jump up and give you a big old snog before you have even had a chance to be acquainted.

The top notes start with juniper berries and reminds me of opening a bottle of wonderful gin, fresh light a bit of citrus, along with the wafering scent of rose.

The warmth of the middle notes of black tea nerolidol is our aroma of the week ending with an enduring smoky intensity of oak whisky and cedar to give the cologne its depth.

As it is only within your personal space that others would firstly detect this scent, it seems that over time it would be part of your aura.  It is reserved and restrained - the strong silent type, that all close to you can rely on.

I have read that the cologne is for men but we don't it should be limited. It is certainly one to be used by all, we have all enjoyed wearing it this week.

Christine Nagel and Violaine Collas are the creators of the cologne and you can imagine that their 'brief' would have been to make a cologne to celebrate 200 year anniversary of the company and to come up with something quintessentially English.

They did Mr Atkinson & the Bear pure justice.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Dot by Marc Jacobs

Dot by Marc Jacobs
The sweet smell of success?

He is back, the wonderful fashion designer who has been dabbling in the perfume world. Following on from Daisy, Lola and Honey with his fun, extreme interpretation of a perfume bottle. What else is to be expected of a designer of his magnitude?

The latest, a round red bottle with black polka dots, grandiose black petals, looks like a lady bird with butterflies that have joined in for the ride.

The top notes sweep into an exotic scent of dragon fruit with red berries and coconut to give a tropical sweetness. The middle notes flutter into the offering with the floral edge of honeysuckle, the all enticing jasmine and orange blossom.

The scent then spreads its wings starting with subtle coconut water, then bringing on the lasting depth vanilla, our scent of the week, driftwood and musk to give the lingering edge to keep you gliding along.

The top perfume names associated with the making of Dot are Annie Gottlieb and Ann Buzantian both known for their individual contributions to the industry, behind many notable perfumes and celebrity scents.

With this trio collaborating chances are it has staying power, it certainly does on me!

Thursday, 16 July 2015

White Oud by Thomas Kosmala

Available exclusively at Harrods and retailing at £450 per 50ml we consider ourselves extremely lucky to have a sample of white oud  to try.

Thomas Kosmala is a new kid on the block.  He has two perfumes – black oud and white oud.  Both would be perfect given that our aroma of the week is oud, but we went with the white.

Rich, rich, rich in oud, it is powerful from the very first spray.  My initial impression is of the ‘farmyard’ aroma that oud always offers me.  So farmyardish was it that I wasn’t sure I’d be able to enjoy it on my skin at all.  But happily, within moments it unfurled to become the rich, powerful, unbelievably intense oud with wonderful undertones of incense and …well, more oud!  Our office is ouded out.

It is rich, complex and so deep that we can smell it on my skin for hours.  It has a rich smokiness, but it doesn’t choke or overwhelm.  It is exotic and narcotic.  The perfect aroma to conjure up that feeling when you step off the aeroplane and into the heat, or walking in the desert or of a steamy scented bazaar.   Whatever it conjures up it is one of heat and happiness.

The perfume is warm and has depth – so much depth that the first detectable notes are gardenia and jasmine- no zesty, zingy fresh top notes here thank you very much.  The perfume carries on digging in deeper flirting lightly with magnolia, osmanthus and peony until it can get no further.  Oud, amber, vanilla bourbon and musk hold that depth until the perfume is washed away, I don’t think it will ever fade by itself.

It smells expensive and lavish (ok, so it IS expensive and lavish) and it is so beautifully blatant that wearing it is not for the timid, subtle perfume wearer.

We covet the sample we have, but we will need to choose appropriate times to wear it – definitely not one for the parent teacher meetings!

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Un Jardin Sur Le Nil by Hermes

Un Jardin Sur Le Nil by Hermes is like an exotic fresh breeze on a hot tropical evening.

From the Hermes Garden-Perfumes Collection developed by their in-house perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena. The cologne is as clean and crisp as the white shirts its designer is known to wear and as elegant as his classic casual attire.

We have been sampling the Eau de Toilette this week, I noted that as everyone arrives in the morning, they firstly have a spray, no reminders are needed for this scent! It is a perfume for both men and women, we agree that it works well for both sexes beautifully!

The top notes tantalise the senses of grapefruit, lemon, green mango, apple, carrot! and tomato!
The middle notes surround you as lush greenery with orange, peony, lotus and hyacinth.

Our aroma of the week cinnamic aldehyde is in the base note with labdanum, iris and the incense of pine trees. It is how I imagine a romantic stroll through an intriguing garden on the Nile.

Spray it generously. A scent to be worn any time by anyone for all occasions.  I adore this scent.

I slightly hesitate in mentioning this ..... but it does remind me of a brilliant gin & tonic.  Start with a crystal glass, lots of ice, a thin slice of orange and lemon, a generous amount of good quality gin, a splash of sparkling tonic and a dash of dubonnet (like the incense).

Wearing this scent and enjoying a glass of g&t ...... summer is here!

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Jack by Jack Perfumes

I'm so pleased that we have chosen Jack by Jack Perfumes for this week's perfume of the week.  We make our selection about one month in advance and we had no idea that the weather would be as hot as it is (but we are always hopeful).

Brainchild of the very charming Richard E Grant, Jack is the perfect unisex perfume for today's hot, hot, hot weather.  The lime and mandarin opening make it instantly refreshing and reviving (helped enormously I'm sure by the cannabis note - caryophylene is our aroma of the week) whilst the clove, nutmeg and pepper give it a spring-in-your-step spiciness enough to energise anyone feeling oppressed by the weather.

The base notes (oud, vetiver, white musk, tobacco absolute and olibanum) sound heavy and dense but blended with the fresher, zestier notes they do a wonderful job of grounding the perfume and rounding it off with a balanced woodiness rather than turning it into anything too overpowering or 'dirty' (which is a relief since it contains oud which can, in my opinion, be way too overpowering and dirty!).

The base notes also give the refreshing perfume a warmth which will make it as suitable for autumnal cooler days as well as the current swelters.

The subscribers to the Plush Folly Perfume Club received a decant of this recently and most gave it a big thumbs up.

"What a clever fellow - made with real integrity I feel and all-of-a-piece . I loved the way it continued to dry down so elegantly. Wouldn't mind snuggling up to that."

"Having been on my arm for 3 hours now, the "Jack" really stands out as a wonderfully complex blend. I would happily wear this"

"It is a refreshingly green citrus with a spicy edge. It has oud in it, but the oud isn't apparent - whilst I love oud, I am a bit 'oud'd' out at the moment since so many recent perfumes have jumped on the bandwagon and include it."

So well done Mr Grant, we are delighted with your foray into the world of perfume and hope you pursue your passion with subsequent perfumes.  We look forward to them already.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Bonbon by Viktor & Rolf

Image result for bonbon viktor and rolf

How gorgeous and inviting does this perfume look?  Before we have even taken our first smell it makes us feel special, like we have been given a gift wrapped treat:)

With a name like Bonbon we have to admit we were expecting something very sweet and sticky, and yes it is sweet but in no way is it treacle/syrup gooey sweet.

The fruity top notes of mandarin, orange and peach help launch it off our skin before getting the middle floral and sweet notes of jasmine, orange blossom and caramel.

Woody notes help give it depth and a great job they do too - this perfume really lasts - yippee!!

Our caramel fragrance oil on its own is a real fudgey delight and could possibly be too sweet for many, but this perfume balances it so beautifully that the sweetness is needed to make it work.

We are in love with this!!  The box, the bottle and the fragrance just scream girly gorgeousness and is definitely on our list of

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Perfume Thursday: Cinnabar by Estee Lauder

Cinnabar was one of the first eastern influenced fragrances that helped start a world wide wave of oriental style perfumes.
Containing aromas such as clove, cinnamon and other spices which in 1978 would have been so unfamiliar and exotic certainly with regards to perfume, for those who fell in love it has been a life long friend.

It is a big, shouty-out-loud perfume from beginning to end, with huge longevity thanks to gorgeous base notes like sandalwood, amber, patchouli and vanilla amongst others.
It opens with a flood of spices and orange (bergamot and tangerine) which to Sally hints at Christmas and we can see (and smell!) why that is. The spices are warming, and if added to a drink would make the most wonderful yuletide cocktail (one to note for the PF Christmas bash!!).

There are quite a few floral notes such as rose, lily, carnation (our aroma this week) and jasmine, but we certainly wouldn't describe this as a floral fragrance, we would say floral notes are there to enhance but certainly not take over as the fragrance develops, the spices take on a sweeter note as time goes by and a powdery element is most definitely detectable.

This is a complex, sophisticated fragrance that probably won't appeal to the younger audience, but a woman with confidence could certainly wear Cinnabar from the boardroom to the bedroom........