Thursday, 16 October 2014

Perfume Thursday: Lady Million by Paco Rabanne

Paco Rabanne's Lady Million is undoubtedly one of the most popular perfumes of recent years. With it's stunning gold jewel-shaped bottle, it's one that grabs your attention just sitting on the shelf.

Open it up and upon first spray it's even more of an attention grabber. The sparkling, fruity/floral opening composed of Bitter Orange, Raspberry and Neroli is soon met with the exotic and warming scent of Arabian Jasmine and Gardenia to create a deliciously inviting floriental scent. The deep, rich closing of the Patchouli, Amber and Honey base notes give it a sensual and bold ending.

The name Lady Million -  and the bottle design and colour - implies wealth and luxury, making anyone who wears it feel like a million dollars. While it doesn't last much longer than a couple of hours, it's a couple of hours filled with compliments and intrigued stares, making it a fun and enjoyable wear.

Underneath it's obvious sensual side, it has a comforting nature to it too, a couple of us feeling inner warmth and fuzziness from wearing and smelling it. It smells familiar, as if it's the scent we've been searching for but didn't know it yet.

We love this perfume and all sides of it's character. It's elegant, sexy and sophisticated and one that we can't get enough of!

Has anyone else tried Lady Million? What do you think? Let us know...

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Perfume Thursday: Fetish by Roja Dove

So the day has arrived where the entire Plush Folly team are wearing Roja Dove’s Fetish.  I’ve owned this perfume for a while now and held it back from being our perfume of the week since I wasn’t sure I wanted to share it, just keep it all to myself!

However a rush of generosity overwhelmed me and this week Fetish is wafting around the office and is being enjoyed by us all.

Initially the aroma is knock-your-socks-off strong although this fades to perfectly manageable levels.  I like a perfume that I can smell when I wear it but far too many fade into oblivion after an hour or so.  Not so Mr Dove’s Fetish – I enjoyed this long after leaving the office as it followed me home and also happily followed me to bed.

The perfume is powerfully feminine.  Not for the faint-hearted and not for the girls - this one is a voluptuous, real woman's perfume. It reminds me of a slightly tarty burlesque-loving singleton aunt of mine who used to come and stay with us when I was a child.  I loved her dearly, loved her outrageous flirty behaviour, loved her bright red lipstick and high heels.  I wanted to be like her and dance like her and smell like her, but my mother always had a slight disapproving air when she was with us so I could never confess.

Although loaded with flowers (rose, jasmine, tuberose and ylang ylang), the perfume has a desirable dirty leather-woody edge to it courtesy of the castoreum (our aroma of the week), musk and vetiver elements.  It would sit beautifully in a cabaret dressing room with the powder, lipstick and other heady perfumes of the dancers, bringing an edge of cigarette smoke and leather to the mix. 

The perfume is daring, bold, beautiful and extremely sexy.  I feel like a bad, bad woman that has more fun than the good, good girls when I wear it.  Fetish is the perfect name.  From the sparkling Swarovski cabochon lid, to the dark purple lined box and the free furry handcuffs and leather whip, this perfume has it all.  Ok, I lied about the free handcuffs and leather whip, but you get where I'm going with this.......

Someone joked recently that they would happily move to a trailer park if it meant they could spend their salary on Roja Dove’s perfumes.  I’m with them on that.  I hanker, absolutely hanker, after a bottle of ‘Roja’ but at over £2k a bottle, I’d probably need to live in a tent whilst I save up and winter is coming…

So I’ll happily take my bottle of Fetish back home with me (if the girls at Plush Folly let me) and enjoy wrapping myself up in that.  After all, at only £345 for 50ml parfum, it’s a bargain in comparison.  And in my opinion, well worth the spend.  

Try it and let us know what you think.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Perfume Thursday: Terre d'Hermes by Hermes

Today's perfume, Terre d'Hermes, actually had a couple of us feeling a little weak at the knees upon the mere mention of its name!

It's a true favourite in the Plush Folly office with many of us knowing (or wishing we knew!) someone who wears it.

It has a fierce and bold opening packed full of vibrant citrus notes including sharp grapefruit and tangy orange. But there's also heavy and delicious helpings of vetiver and black pepper to ground it nicely. 

It contains Iso E Super and while the majority of us can only just detect it, at the beginning Elaine gets a heavy helping of it, and while she thinks it lovely, that's what's screaming out at her. However the longer she wears it the more she's presented with the glorious overall scent that is Terre d'Hermes.

As it warms and develops on the skin it maintains a fresh/green scent right through to the end but with added bursts of citrus grabbing your attention constantly.

Despite conjuring up images of established well-dressed men in their thirties, we think this scent gives off an ultimate sophisticated-cool impression that we think someone of any age could pull off. If you want to impress someone, this is how you do it!

Our favourite comment? "Fades to how I imagine George Clooney's skin would smell - subtle, classy, sensual". How very naughty of us!

Has anyone else had the pleasure of smelling Hermes' Terre d'Hermes? What do you think?

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Perfume Thursday: Chloe by Chloe

Chloe, Chloe, Chloe, where do we begin?

Launched in 2008, Chloe by Chloe was designed by leading perfumers Armandine Marie and Michel Almairac and was inspired by femininity.

Built using fruity and floral top notes including peony, lychee and freesia, the perfume feels instantly pretty. The fruitiness of the lychee comes through to add a slight tang before the floral heart really comes forward.

Rose, magnolia and lily of the valley work together to give it a subtle powdery scent that is matched well with the top notes, giving it a sophisticated, yet playful personality.

It ends with cedarwood, amber and honey; the amber adding a little more 'powder' but the honey adding a beautiful non-sickly sweetness as it's well-grounded by the cedarwood.

To describe Chloe? It makes us feel beautiful. It's feminine, chic, confident but not in your face and just generally makes us feel like powdering our noses and wearing pink!

It has a very familiar scent. For many of us this was the first time we had smelt it, yet it felt like we had all worn it or known someone who had done before. That is not to say that it smells like a copy, it just has a way of evoking memories. For Bryony, as soon she sprayed it, she was taken to her first ever class room, where the smell reminded her of her teacher.

It is comforting, warming and sensual while remaining youthful, girly and playful. A perfect balance.

Has anyone else tried Chloe? What do you think?

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Perfume Thursday - Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

This week's Perfume Thursday focuses on Kouros, the iconic fragrance for men by Yves Saint Laurent.

Kouros, at its time of release in 1981, was looked upon as different, thanks to its sexy/naughty character. It was rare for a fragrance, at that time, to portray such characteristics, being seen as little daring. Despite this, Kouros' popularity grew and it remains as one of the most classic, masculine scents on the market today.

Kouros opens with an heady, ozonic freshness that completely opens your senses and takes your mind directly to salty waters. Notes such as Artemisia, Bergamot, Coriander and Clary Sage all work with each other excitedly to give it a vibrant, memorable and moreish opening.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Perfume Thursday: Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger

One of the greatest things about Perfume Thursday is that we get the chance to wear a variety of perfumes from throughout time (see our Royal Nosegay perfume review, for example).

While there are many perfumes released each year, it's always good to reflect and look back at some of history's most loved fragrances, and this week, with Garden Mint as our chosen aroma, we're wearing Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger.

The initial burst of citrus that explodes from the bottle is met with subtle florals and other gentle fruit notes, balancing its bright opening wonderfully. These opening notes (Blackcurrant, Mandarin, Apple Tree Blossom and Camelia) give the perfume a lively, zingy and bold opening which each of us have found irresistible and a true delight to wear.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Perfume Thursday: Truth or Dare by Madonna

If you like big powerful florals and in particular love tuberose then rush out and buy yourself a bottle of Truth or Dare by Madonna.  Retailing at approximately £14 for 50ml, this is a bargain!  It reminds me a little of another tuberose (Fracas by Robert Piguet) which at more than £50 for the same size definitely makes it worth taking a punt on Madonna's perfume.

Created very much with her mother in mind, Madge wanted to re-create her mother's scent but give it a fresh and new twist.  Now I have to be honest and say I'm not sure she has successfully achieved the fresh and new bit since one whiff of the bottle and I was transported back to 'old fashioned' perfumes which are definitely...well....old fashioned and not fresh and new.

It is a strong floral, so strong that you drown in flowers - although some of us got hints of bubble gum, apricot yoghurt and plastic too.  There are no top notes (hey Madge - that's where the fresh aroma should have come from!) but instead it wades in to floral middles and sweet sweet base notes making this perfume heavy heavy heavy (but I reiterate - great value for money!)

We chose this perfume as it contains neroli which is our aroma of the week, but for me the neroli has been drowned out by the tuberose, gardenia and jasmine (I told you it was a big floral - there is lily and lily of the valley nestling in there too!).

The perfume has lasting power courtesy of the big base notes (vanilla, amber, musk and benzoin) and some could detect it 6 hours after the initial spray (some were keen to wash it off 6 minutes after the initial spray...)  It is well structured and will certainly stay with you all evening if you spray it before leaving the house (reinforcing it as a true bargain !)

Personally it isn't a perfume I'd choose to wear as it is too heavily floral for me - I prefer I'm currently favouring a leather, animalic, dirty, incense aroma-theme which actually would have been the perfect aromas for the 1990s Madonna perfume.  But for those of you that enjoy florals and have £14 rattling around in your purse, it's well worth the spend.

Convince me I should try another floral - what is your favourite?