Thursday, 26 May 2016

Oudh Noir by Angela Flanders

Our perfume review this week starts on a slightly sombre note, Angela Flanders sadly passed away in April this year at 88 years young.  It was only in latter years that she began to create her own fragrances having been self taught in the art of perfumery.  She leaves some beautiful fragrances for us to enjoy and if you haven't had the chance to try some we would suggest you seek them out. 

Oudh Noir is, at last a fragrance that although you can detect oud it is a pleasant aroma.  There is that slight twang of elastoplast that oud offers, but because this has been teamed with deep smoky aromas it makes this fragrance enjoyable! 

Even though it contains juniper, we weren't able to detect this in its own right.  The rich deep warm and smoky elements courtesy of vetiver, spice (our aroma of the week) patchouli and guaiac wood all combine with oud to give a subtle fragrance. 

We were somewhat surprised that this turned out to be such a soft fragrance -given the very powerful ingredients contained.  If we'd known what was in it before smelling it we may have been far more wary!  If you haven't yet found a fragrance in the woody / smoky genre that is to your taste we whole heartedly suggest you try this one.  

Angela, we thank you.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Costarela by Carner

Today I am wearing Costerela by Carner

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Oh my oh my oh my.  Shut my eyes and I am on holiday, basking in the sunshine with notes of hot sand and sea spray wafting from my wrist.  There is also a delicious aroma of bergamot reminding me of those before-sun-safety-was-a-concern days of wearing bergasol as my chosen sun cream (I loved the smell way back then).

There are also notes of saffron, ambroxan and cedar giving this perfume a hot-skin warmth adding to my belief that I’m lying on the beach rather than chained to my desk.

You may have guessed that I like this perfume.  I love it not only for its aroma but for its ability to transport me to far flung tropical happy places.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Ashoka by Neela Vermeire Creations

Ashoka is a fragrance that aims to bring together ideas inspired by the myths and legends of long ago India with the contemporary fragrance world.  A collaboration between Neela Vermeire and Bertraund Duchaufour and designed to be a tribute to a conquering emperor who saw the error of his ways and became a Buddhist with compassion for all living creatures.

On first smell there is no zesty, light freshness - we are plunged straight in to quite a heavy fragrance and even though there are green top notes of parsley leaf and fig leaf (our aroma of the week) the more floral top and middle notes come at us all guns blazing. This perfume has such a selection of floral notes osmanthus, jasmine, geranium, iris, ylang ylang and rose to name but a few it's difficult to pick our just one, all coming together to create a beautiful heady scent.

As it settles and the base notes emerge we can detect beautiful woods, vanilla adding a sweet softness without overpowering and an absolutely fabulous suede leather note - not strong boot leather but more the inside of a very plush handbag.

We are all giving this one our seal of approval, it is a beautiful scent that succeeds in bringing together aromas of the gardens of long ago emperors into a contemporary perfume.  

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Selfie by Olfactive Studio

Today I am wearing Selfie by Olfactive Studio.

Bursting in with a fresh, crisp opening, Selfie reminds me of something I can’t quite put my finger on.  It moves swiftly, the freshness is now sweeter and the crispness has gone.  My wrist is now sweet and resinous and a little fruit cake-ish.

Laced with ginger, cinnamon, anise and hints of elemi which probably accounts for the sharp opening, but oh so soon I have labdanum, oakmoss, angelica, tonka, sandalwood, patchouli and suede making the perfume totally different, it’s as if I have two perfumes to describe rather than one.  If this perfume entered the marathon, it would definitely be in the record books for speed of movement.

Selfie, why Selfie?  Well, it is surprising and you certainly don’t know what you’ve got until you revisit it.  I’m not sure about the name.  Actually to be truthful I’m not sure about the perfume either!

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Chergui by Serge Lutens

This week we have been reviewing Serge Lutens’ Chergui.

It is deep, rich, resinous, sticky and beautiful – and the perfect perfume to have been wearing during the last few very rainy days, although somehow today it doesn’t sit right because the sun is shining!.  This is definitely a cold wet day/evening perfume.

Although complex, there are two distinct smells – honey (our aroma of the week) and tobacco.  There are fleeting glimpses of florals, but it is smoky sweetness that flourishes.  It’s an odd combination but it works well.  I feel as if I am in a gentleman’s club – old smoky air, worn but much loved leather armchairs and the scent of Werthers originals just lingering in the background tempering the smokiness.

As the scent settles an edge of dryness comes through and it offers something akin to hay.

Looking at the colour of the juice you’d expect it to be a loft heftier than it is, but it is quite delicate and delicious but with oomph.

A big thumbs up from everyone here at Plush Folly.  

Monday, 9 May 2016

Goddess of Love & Perfume by 4160 Tuesdays

Today I am wearing Goddess of Love & Perfume by 4160 Tuesdays.

Gosh. Gosh. Gosh. What a robust perfume. It’s full of so many aromas my nose is dancing a marathon right now.  We have sweets, florals, citrus, moss, woods and musk and I can feel them all dipping in and out, teasing my senses, leading me a merry olfactory dance to goodness knows where!

It is part of the ‘Crimes of Passion’ series, which consists of seven scents designed to ‘lead you into committing rash acts of devotion’. It is glamorous and indeed fit for a goddess, especially Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love (and all the Goddesses of Perfume out there).

Will it help Aphrodite seduce shepherd boys on the grassy banks of Roseberry Topping?  Will it help me commit a rash act of devotion?  I do hope so.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Floriental by Comme des Garcons

Our first impressions of Floriental are that it is rich and intense, warm and deep - I think we're fans of this at first sniff! This fragrance is described as unisex of which many are often ozonic, light, fresh aromas - but this is not that at all!

Pink pepper gives a rounded spicy note and alongside incense, labdanum, plum (our aroma of the week), vetiver and sandalwood this perfume is velvety smooth.  The plum is evident but not in a traditional fruity sense - it's more plum chutney with added spices, darker and more subtle than its fresh juicy counterpart.

Despite being laden with base notes this is much lighter than the individual components might suggest, it has a beautiful sweetness and yet is not a sweet perfume.  Vetiver is just evident but as a woody vetiver rather than a smoky vetiver.

This definitely gets our vote and we would be happy to wear it and share it with a special someone with whom we could get up close and personal with.....