Thursday, 23 June 2016

Nox by Angela Ciampagna

This is our first experience of a fragrance by Angela Ciampagna and we were very excited to try it.

Described as an aromatic spicy fragrance suitable for both men and women we were keen to find out if it appealed to both sexes equally and conducted our own mini survey, however unfortunately neither were particularly enthusiastic at first.....

The fragrance has a rather sharp, sour and very green opening although there are a number of florals in the top notes such as mimosa, ylang-ylang, lily and cyclamen.  We had to get rather intimate with our left wrists as the aroma didn't seem to carry very far, when we first spray a perfume we do quite like it to fill the surrounding area at least for the first minute or two,  but this just seemed to stay close to the skin.

As the perfume settles the green and sour notes do subdue into something more pleasant and although the green-ness stays it becomes altogether softer and far more appealing, heart notes of pink pepper add a little spice, artemesia (our aroma of the week) brings a green hay-like note and then a sweetness emerges courtesy of vanilla making it a sweet floral that is altogether more pleasant to our noses.

At the moment the jury is out on this one - it seems to be neither one thing nor another.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

ItIsDream by Salvador Dali

Today I am wearing ItIsDream by Salvador Dali.

Apparently it is a perfume that promotes romance, tenderness, optimism and joy, and is intended for artistic women who love to dream.

It is fruity juicy (black currant, apple and grapefruit) with fresh florals (magnolia, hyacinth and rose) and a a sweet yet refreshing dry down of amber, musk and cedarwood.

As it dries down, it manages to maintain the sparkling freshness and yet introduces a slightly powdery element from the amber.

It's perfectly acceptable, it's almost frivolous and it’s certainly uplifting and playful.

I was expecting less but the perfume has delivered something rather lovely.  Perhaps I am that artistic woman who likes to dream after all!

Monday, 20 June 2016

Venenum Kiss by Ex Nihilo

Today I am wearing Venenum Kiss by Ex Nihilo.

Described as 'the obsessive caress of amber and suede, the velvet breath of rose and saffron' and quite frankly it has shot right up there onto my list of favourite perfumes straight away.

It is warm and smoky with nuances of leather and spicy saffron.  The rose keeps is from being a filthy perfume and adds a glorious, rich, deep floral element grounding the perfume perfectly.  Apricot and vanilla also feature.

Described as a unisex perfume so suitable for all.  If I passed someone wearing this I'd have to stop them and ask what it was.  Then I might even follow them to continue enjoying its gorgeousness.

Venenum Kiss - but more than a kiss, a full on snog I'd say.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

PG21 Felanilla by Parfumerie Generale

This week we have been wearing PG21 Felanilla by Parfumerie Generale.

I have to be honest and say that this one isn't a hit.  Whilst we can admire the structure and complexities, no one in the office likes it enough to want to wear it.

The aroma has an initial rush of sweetness courtesy of vanilla and amber, but it soon settles into a sour hay smell.  Although our smell of the week is the lovely saffron, we were disappointed that Felanilla seem to glance over its saffron content and not offer us anything substantial, other than hay.

We've given it a chance, but we haven't embraced it.  The most positive comment is that it smells like the inside of a candle shop.

Sorry Parfumerie Generale = but this one just isn't for us.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Embers by Rouge Bunny Rouge

Embers forms part of a collection exploring the dark side of an enchanted garden with each fragrance representing one of the elements - air, earth, water, fire and aether.

With such a name this fragrance could only mean one thing - fire - so we anticipate woods, smoke, heat as part of a deep heavy fragrance.

Spices are the first aromas we encounter..... pink pepper, nutmeg and clove quickly rising to our noses followed by sweet resinous notes.  There are floral notes of freesia and jasmine along side cistus (our aroma of the week) at the heart of this fragrance however the floral element is very subtle, just providing the perfect balance between spice and the delicious rich base notes.

As the perfume settles a beautiful resinous sweetness comes through, deep and warming, enveloping us in a dream like warmth - it gives the feeling of being wrapped in a soft and comforting cashmere blanket.  Some fragrances in this genre go heavy on the smoky element but in this has just a whisper of smoke from the incense - perfect!

Without doubt this fragrance could be worn by either sex and definitely one we are adding to our wish list, whether we choose to share it another matter.........

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Honos by Gentlemen’s Tonic

This week we have been reviewing Honos by Gentlemen’s Tonic.

The terms ‘honour’, ‘respect, ‘esteem’ and ‘respectable’ are all related to the Roman term ‘Honos’ and any gentleman who wears Honos is going to ooze respectability, dignity and a certain virtue.

The scent is lovely – warm, herbaceous, spicy and musky. With notes of black and pink pepper, cinnamon and nutmeg, the spicy layer is initially the most obvious. But as the spices cool, the fresh garden scents of clarysage (our aroma of the week)and lavender breeze in and form a very welcome and upbeat edge. The scent is fresh and enticing.

After an hour or so the scent has dried down to warmer, muskier notes of amber, sandalwood and incense. It really is quite glorious.

Not only for the honourable gentleman, but for the valiant woman who has a sense of freedom, individuality and independence.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Oudh Noir by Angela Flanders

Our perfume review this week starts on a slightly sombre note, Angela Flanders sadly passed away in April this year at 88 years young.  It was only in latter years that she began to create her own fragrances having been self taught in the art of perfumery.  She leaves some beautiful fragrances for us to enjoy and if you haven't had the chance to try some we would suggest you seek them out. 

Oudh Noir is, at last a fragrance that although you can detect oud it is a pleasant aroma.  There is that slight twang of elastoplast that oud offers, but because this has been teamed with deep smoky aromas it makes this fragrance enjoyable! 

Even though it contains juniper, we weren't able to detect this in its own right.  The rich deep warm and smoky elements courtesy of vetiver, spice (our aroma of the week) patchouli and guaiac wood all combine with oud to give a subtle fragrance. 

We were somewhat surprised that this turned out to be such a soft fragrance -given the very powerful ingredients contained.  If we'd known what was in it before smelling it we may have been far more wary!  If you haven't yet found a fragrance in the woody / smoky genre that is to your taste we whole heartedly suggest you try this one.  

Angela, we thank you.