Friday, 11 December 2009

Its foggy and cold here this morning with no sign of snow - so we thought we'd make our own. Not only make snow, but we thought we'd keep in good Plush Folly tradition and make pink snow!

So here is our recipe for pink snowflakes.....

Pipe cleaners or thin bendy wire
Very hot water
*Epsom Salts (how much you need depends upon the size of your glass jar)
Pink liquid soap colouring (food colouring will do)
Glass jar
A pencil or wooden stick
A 14 cms (6 inch) piece of string or ribbon

* you can use Borax instead of Epsom Salts if you wish


Cut your pipe cleaners in to a length of about 7cms (2.5 inches). You will need 4 pieces of pipe cleaner in total. Twist the pieces together to form an eight sided star shape. Tie your piece of string or ribbon to the very top of the snowflake.

Pour very hot (just boiled) water into the jar or glass container so that it is three quarters full. Add your Epsom salts and stir until dissolved. Keep adding more Epsom salts and stirring until you have saturated the liquid and no more can be dissolved. It is fine to have a few Epsom salt crystals lying on the bottom of the jar. Add a drop of colouring and stir into the water (add more if you want darker coloured crystals).

Place your snowflake shape into the liquid in the jar so that it is immersed completely. Tie the ribbon or string to the pencil (or stick) so that the snowflake is suspended in thte jar and not touching the bottom.

Leave somewhere for 24-48 hours and watch the crystals start to appear.
There we have it (well in a few hours anyway) - pink snow! Be sure to check back in a few days when we post the finished flake.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Kits, kits and more kits!

Training courses for 2009 have nearly finished which will give us time to pack up kits.

We love our kits and get excellent feedback from them
'More than a kit, this is a lesson in a box',
'what a wonderful time I have had and what a great choice of ingredients, thank you!' '
I'm working my way through them all, deciding which one to do next is always a difficult choice'

So if you are stuck for a present this Christmas, or want to brighten up a dull January day, why not have a look at our range of kits.

We have glycerine soap making kits, lip gloss kits, bath fizz kits, mineral makeup kits, cold process soap kits, hand cream kits, moisturiser kits, shampoo kits, conditioner kits, perfume making kits, body scrub kits, body butter kits, face mask kits, toner & body gel kits, room diffuser that's a big choice!

See our website for the full range

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Making Liquid Soap

At last! We have been working hard on our Making Liquid Soap home study course and I am so thrilled that it is in its final testing stages and almost ready to roll out.

The course includes how to make a hand soap, a body wash, a bubble bath and a mild shampoo and we use a droolingly beautiful list of ingredients during the programme.

We have bottles of testing going on by various friends and family so that we can ensure that the products made on the course are suitable and loved by all. We've also been able to cancel our membership to the gym (you'll see why!).

So if you fancy being elbow deep in bubbles in February (we are working towards releasing the the course during the last week of January), check out the web page here You'll see that it's on a special pre-release price if you buy it now.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Making Perfume: Everything Makes Scents

Gosh, its been a while since we blogged but so much has been happening. I'm making it an early New Year's resolution to blog more often!

We're crazy about some of the new scents we have been ordering in for the 'Making Perfume: Everything Makes Scents' workshop. We have extended the course from half a day to a full day as we were finding it difficult to cram everything in!

Sitting on the desk in front of me I have some lovely aromas - Gracefruit's Pomegranate Noir is one of our favourites, as is their Tobacco Leaf. Cathy loves the Japanese Plum (which makes a change, she normally goes for anything to do with Rose) and Byony is eyeing up the musk (better smell than the Body Shop range apparently!)

In our last workshop, some of the students were tyring to design a Perfume for Michelle Obama. The winning perfume comprised rosewood, cedarwood, vetiver, violet and lily. It was stunning - a subtle yet pervading floral aroma with haunting undertones of woodland.

My daughter has tasked me with making her a warm berry perfume - not too sweet, not too fruity, not too cloying and not too strong 'that Daddy will be commenting'. She knows what she wants - let's just hope I can deliver!

If you'd like to design and wear your own perfume, why not come and join us on one of our perfume making workshops. We don't just stop at perfume but create blends suitable for a room spray or diffuser, a linen spray or pillow perfume too - plus we enjoy sampling and analysing some of the big name brands.

For more information on the Perfume Making course, please see the course description on our website. We also have a 'Make Your Own Beautiful Perfume / Aftershave' kit for those of you that want to try making perfume at home.