Thursday, 3 December 2009

Making Liquid Soap

At last! We have been working hard on our Making Liquid Soap home study course and I am so thrilled that it is in its final testing stages and almost ready to roll out.

The course includes how to make a hand soap, a body wash, a bubble bath and a mild shampoo and we use a droolingly beautiful list of ingredients during the programme.

We have bottles of testing going on by various friends and family so that we can ensure that the products made on the course are suitable and loved by all. We've also been able to cancel our membership to the gym (you'll see why!).

So if you fancy being elbow deep in bubbles in February (we are working towards releasing the the course during the last week of January), check out the web page here You'll see that it's on a special pre-release price if you buy it now.

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Christina said...

very nice informative post thanks for sharing tips and advice I love natural handmade soaps