Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Perfume Design Panel - competition DAY ONE

To coincide with the launch of Sally's perfume book we (the team here at PFHQ) decided to design a new perfume and invite others to join us on the design team.

We ran a competition on Facebook where we invited FBers the chance to win a place on the design team, one winner to be chosen each week for a period of three weeks.

Today our third and final winner was selected at random and we have our complete team!

Each of the design panel will be sent a selection of top, middle and base note essential and fragrance oils ranging across the fruity, floral, green, woody and oriental categories with a few wild cards thrown in! Each panellist will place the aromas (in each category) in order of preference and report back to PFHQ with their selection.
Once PFHQ have received everyone's feedback, the favorite oils will be selected and the blending will begin.

More to follow when the feedback is in.

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Nickie Jones said...

lovely packages - how exciting it would be to receive them!