Monday, 11 August 2008

Making Cosmetics - on the radio?!

A couple of weeks ago we were lucky enough to be invited onto BBC Radio Solent to discuss the art of making cosmetics at home.

Live on air we made a lip gloss (using beeswax, olive and castor oil, shea and cocoa butter) coloured witha little red wine coloured mica. The radio presenter loved it and commented on how soft it made her lips feel (great for those air conditioned studios).

Then came the hysterical part ! The presenter selected to make a face mask was the lovely Jon Cuthill (not much hair on his head, but sporting much facial hair!). After tasting many of the ingredients and pronouncing them 'delicious' (good thing it was radio so you couldn't see the grimace he was pulling), he opted to make his mask with Wild Yam powder and Strawberry extract. After much clinking of teaspoons (oh those special effects you can get away with on the radio) and stirring of the powders and clay, Jon literally spread the paste over much of his face and head.

As the mask tightened, his voice became more and more clipped until it was impossible for him to continue presenting the show! Cue for a break - a dash to the washrooms, and Jon emerged looking "younger, glowing, and downright good looking!".

Hmmmm, if it did all that for Jon, I guess I should give my husband the same treatment.......Nick darling, wild yam and strawberries for 'supper' tonight!