Sunday, 22 February 2009

The Make Your Own Lipstick Effect

The lipstick effect is upon us! In times of a recession, instead of cheering ourselves up by spending money on expensive items, we women tend to purchase less costly 'feel good' items such as lipstick. As an inexpensive pick-me-up, wearing a new lipstick can help you look good as well as feel good.

We had a lovely email from one of our customers last week. Instead of buying a lipstick, she had purchased a Make Your Own Cosmetics kit and spent a happy time making lipstick...."my daughter and I shared the box between us and we spent the afternoon making a lip balm, a lip gloss and a lipstick. The results are amazing, I can't believe that we are wearing what we made. It's a double whammy - not only do we have the pleasure of making, but the enjoyment of wearing it too. Thank you - we'll be back for the handcream one next".

So - in times of bank balances going into the red, cheer yourself up and make a shade of lipstick to match!

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Cosmetics College - even more beautiful than usual

This week we have had a Cosmetics College student visiting us from Antigua. Not only was it her first trip to England, but it was the first time she'd seen snow! And what a performance the weather put on for her.

Deep, crisp and even.....beautiful twinkling mica-like snow covering everything it could touch. This was no dusting of talc, this was a heavy dollop of ice-cold pleasure! OK, so she missed the first day of college due to the plane being delayed, but luckily with other students finding they couldn't make the journey, we could dedicate our time during the second and subsequent days and cover everything she needed.

It's quite incredible to think that her family were basking in 80 degrees and relaxing on the beach drinking coconut rum while she was enchanted by mineral makeup, coconut soap and snowballs!

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Making Perfumes - the power of smell

Never underestimate the power of smell, its an extraordinary sensation (excuse the pun)

Whilst writing the Making Perfume: An Adventure Trail course, I had an overwhelming urge to sniff everything I came into contact with. I guess it's like reading a cookery book when you're hungry, you want to devour the contents of the fridge! Translate 'reading a cookery book' to 'writing a perfume course' and you'll understand how I felt. My nose sampled everything from wet washing to dry washing (they smell very different - and yet the only difference is water...), a ream of freshly opened printer paper, a brand new leather diary, burnt apple sauce (don't ask) and every conceivable fruit, vegetable and flower I could lay my hands on. I think Sainsburys have be down as a serial veg sniffer, luckily they appear to be very understanding.

The rather cloying and not-my-favourite ylang ylang, became livened up with lime, mellowed with vetiver and full bodied with patchouli. It was then spiced with sandalwood, peppered with bay, lightened with a pinch of orris and rounded off with a touch of bergamot. What a splendid aroma it is now - I've splashed it liberally around the shop and been noting people's reactions when they come in. The result is a definite success and ylang ylang is back up there on my list of 'gorgeous essential oils'!