Thursday, 25 September 2008

Highest Toast and Lipstick - World Record

We were delighted to see that Freddie's toaster has succeeded in gaining him a place in the Guiness Book of Records for the world's highest toast! See his toast in action here!

We met Freddie when he came to our workshops to make the world's longest lipstick. He had carefully calculated - based on an article he'd read in Vogue - how much lipstick a woman will consume in a year. We then worked with Freddie to create a lipstick weighing the same weight. Not exactly a handy size to carry around in your handbag - but hey, what a creation!

Back to the toast......I'm hoping that Caroline, Alison & Ruth (yes, my chickens arrived on Saturday!) will start laying soon so that I can enjoy fresh eggs on my piece of the world's highest toast!

Friday, 12 September 2008

Just like buses!

Two come along at once......

Having recovered from our radio 'appearance', we then find ourselves as part of a Channel 4 production! We had a hilarious afternoon filming with Channel 4 for a programme called Bite.

The presenter, Zena, came to Plush Folly and had a whacky afternoon making lip gloss, 'pink pampering pack' and 'Me Me Me Me ME!'

I shall say no more. Check out the Plush Folly
website to watch the shinnanagans (I've no idea how to spell that word.....)

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Biodiesel Soap

Not the most glamorous of soaps to look at, but we have made our first batch of soaps using brown glycerine gloop from biodiesel.

Chris, from Essex, sent us a large pot of the brown gloop to try out before we teach him how to create his own soap. Carefully wrapped in newspaper and secured in a box, it arrived leaking. As we were out, the postman kindly delivered it to our neighbours house......dripping its gunk in a steady, but discreet flow. Luckily, if you put in enough elbow grease, it makes a wonderful parquet floor polish so our neighbours were more than understanding!

We ended up with 480g to include in our first batch - so only 4 bars were produced. We used the hot process method to make the soap and even after a week it is a little on the soft side. We'll leave it a little longer before we try a bar and send the rest back to Chris for his comments.

In the meantime, it's fading to an amber gold colour and, thanks to the addition of sweet orange and patchouli essential oils, smells a darn site better than it did on the neighbours floor!

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Not Cosmetics but Chickens!

I'm so excited - I'm getting some chickens! OK, so its a world away from cosmetics, pink, glitter and fluff, but I simply can't wait.

I have the hen house and the run and am scouring books researching what bantams are prolific layers, have a friendly disposition and are hardy and 'easy' to keep.

Alison keeps calling me 'Felicity' from the Good Life - I think I may call one of my chickens 'Alison'.

Will keep you reported on how I get on with choice of breed (and names!)